ABE Franchise Partner Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need employees, and if so, how many?
From experience we can tell you it is possible to operate alone until you reach about 50 members. It is definitley easier to operate with two indiviuals to start, this is why a husband wife team is a great choice. Once you gain 50 members and more we recommend you becoming the manager as you begin to hire and train your own trade directors.

What type of business location and facilities do I need?
Office space, signage, phone (at least 2 lines), fax, PC compatible computer, and Internet access.

What type of technology (phone, fax, computer, internet) do I need?

  • Computer: Dell Optiplex 780 desktops and Latitude E6500 notebooks
  • Processor: Intel dual core processor
  • Memory: 4Gb memory
  • Hard Drive: 160 GB or larger
  • Optical Drive: CD / DVD RW Drive
  • Monitor: 2 – Dell ST2310 23 Inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor.
  • Monitor stand: Dell DS-224STA Dual Monitor Flex Stand
  • Printer: HP Laser Jet P2035 black and white printer.


  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Applications:
    • Office Small Business 2010 – Includes Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Security Software – Antivirus, Firewall, and Spyware
    • Adobe Reader 9.0
    • QuickBooks Pro 2010 Accounting Software

Phone system with at least two lines, plain paper fax machine and a photocopier.

What type of support and investment can I expect from ABE?
ITEX has a co-op program that reimburses you one half of your investment in approved marketing, advertising and business development costs. While the details of the program can change over time, the current yearly co-op budget is $25,000 per franchisee.

How long has ABE been in business?
Since 1994

What type of training can I expect?
We require one full week of initial training with the company founder and CEO at company headquarters in Provo, UT. From there we offer additional training in the form of one regional meeting each year, an annual National Convention (Spring), and franchisee conference calls held on a weekly basis.

What does ABE have in place to provide support as I have questions, issues, and continue to grow?
ABE understands that each Franchise Partner will have different levels of business experience and support. Because of the different backgrounds of each of our Franchise Partners, we work individually with our team to ensure the right amount of attention for each individual circumstance. We are always available to help!

What are the benefits of owning my own ABE Franchise area?

  • Instant brand recognition and support
  • You control your local area
  • Instant growth potential for long term gains
  • The benefit of a national marketing focus that supports you locally
  • You will be partnering with ABE in the initial growth phase of our franchise vision, this means you will be able to help us create a franchise with your input and expertise as well as ours. We will be working as a team to create something amazing!
  • Years and years of knowledge to support you and your vision!

What skills are needed to make sure I am successful?

How are territories decided, and how do I grow?

Why have I not heard of ABE before?

What have been the biggest challenges to others?

I don’t fully understand how everything works and how the barter model functions in a franchise model?

Is there a secret to even faster growth?

How much involvement is required of me in the day to day operation of my franchise?

What do I need to do to get started?

What happens if I want to sell my franchise?

What territories are currently available?

I have additional questions and would like to talk with a real person.
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