Why work to build a brand from scratch when you can start ahead of the game? ABE is now beginning to offer franchise agreements outside of the state of Utah where we can help our Franchise Partners grow, while they help us build a national brand. By becoming an ABE Franchisee, you will have the benefit of working with a company who understands that its franchisee’s and its members are the lifeblood of the the franchise. We work with you to ensure success!

Becoming an ABE Franchise Partner

ABE will train you and share with you methods developed through 20+ years of experience in new member enrollment and member transactions, all processed through a barter based cashless marketplace. Learn and grow with the help from ABE veterans as you network with member and Franchise Partners at our yearly convention, monthly meetings, broker blogasphere, and social media experience.

We understand that creating a strong brand is important. By franchising we plan on creating our brand’s strength through the quality of the Franchisee’s, Members and Partners who we invite into our network. An ABE Franchise Partner needs to be smart, aggressive, and must really want to generate a strong revenue stream. We need strong leaders who understand business and business relationships, and how to leverage those relationships to gain results. ABE is a results oriented business and we are excited about a partnership focused on long-term growth.

Do you have what it takes to become an ABE Franchise Partner?

To become an ABE Franchise Partner you must ask yourself:

Do I have what it takes to own my own business?

Do I have the capability to create and manage a strong operation?

You have to want it, and you have to be willing to sacrifice. You also need to know the reason you desire to be a business owner.

  • Income?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Long term wealth and Independence?


If you have the desire and are ready to take a leap of faith, we have some simple qualifying requirements.

ABE has seven over arching requirements for its future ABE Franchise Partners to meet.

  1. Proven management and leadership experience
  2. Sales and marketing experience, along with a sales and marketing plan for your area
  3. $30,000 in available capital
  4. An approved business location that is clean and professional
  5. The ability to make a commitment to full time focus, or a full time manager
  6. The ability to pass a credit check
  7. The availability to work within the time frame designated by ABE

Initial Investment

The initial investment should not be a challenge if you are truly serious about creating long term wealth.

Franchise Fee $10,000
Minimum Liquid Capital Requirement $30,000
Recommend Liquid Captial $50,000

The ABE leadership team has years of barter experience that will help you to make the right decision for YOU! We can help you understand if; You are right for ABE, and if ABE is right for you.

Do your homework, talk to people you trust, ask the right questions, talk with our existing Franchise Partners and listen to their stories. This is a commitment that should not be taken lightly!


The ABE vision: “To facilitate growth and additional sales through an easy, fun, cashless barter system by enabling members and franchisees through the growth of the ABE Marketplace as the one stop hub for cashless transactions throughout the Americas”.