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Online Barter Provo UT &
All US Cities

That's why America's Barter Exchange helps businesses find great deals through barter exchange in
Provo, Utah & beyond.

America’s Barter Exchange lives up to its name of being a foremost barter platform to proudly owned American businesses. While based in Provo, Utah, ABE has members around the United States involved in different industries and trades. We invite you to learn more about ABE’s team, code of conduct, and barter system below.

How Barter in Provo Utah & Other US Cities Help Businesses

Read the most frequently asked questions about our barter exchange in Provo below.

Benefits of Barter Exchange
Provo & Beyond

Convert your excess commodities to useful items and services. E.g., Excess produce for whole house cleaning; dental cleaning for a 2-night stay at a hotel; handyman services for restaurant reservation, etc.

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Reach new customer demographics that you had no access to—or had no idea existed.
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Create partnerships with local and national businesses, and government agencies in the ABE network.

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Provide gift incentives for employees, prepare for a company trip, and improve overall morale at your business.

Go cash-free and
cut down on cash use.

Reduce overhead and borrowing costs,
plus excess inventory.

Easy collection
of trade goods.

Go cash-free and cut down on cash use.
Reduce overhead and borrowing costs, plus excess inventory.

Easy collection of trade goods.

How It Works | Barter System Provo
& Other US Cities

Fill out our online application form, sign up at our Utah office, or call us for a membership appointment.

Our trade directors will work with you to assess your barter needs and goods.

List your company’s offerings on ABE’s exclusive membership platform.

Trade for goods and services you need while keeping in touch with ABE’s trade directors for smooth transactions.

Spend the trade dollars you earn through trading on your most needed goods.

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Our US Members Found Success Thanks to
Barter Services Provo Utah

I just joined and I’ve gotten a lot of new business. It’s a great marketing tool. The ladies I’ve worked with are so delightful also!


We love ABE.. it has been a joy to work with their staff as they help find us trade to benefit both our family and our business.


This place has practically everything you need and is one of the best for barter in Utah


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