Better Results With the Barter System Park City UT

As one of the most scenic cities in the US, Park City has a lot to offer businesses in terms of barter.

historic main street in Park City, Utah

Modern Barter Exchange
Park City UT

How Does Bartering in Park City Work

1) Sign Up

Fill out an application form or call us for a membership appointment to get started on barter exchange in Park City, UT.

2) Assess

Run your inventory or service list for items and assistance other businesses may need for their operations or employee incentives.

3) List

Coordinate with your ABE trade director to update your listing on our trade platform.

4) Trade

Contact businesses with listings that suit your needs. ABE can help with arbitration if necessary.

5) Spend

Use the trade dollars you earn from bartering to procure inventory, services, and experiences from other ABE members.

Benefits of the Barter System Park City UT

  • Convert excess commodities to useful items & services
    E.g., Household services, luxury items, inventory, etc
  • Reach new customer demographics
  • Create partnerships with local and national businesses, and government agencies in the ABE network
  • Provide gift incentives for employees
  • Go cash-free and cut down on cash use
  • Reduce overhead and borrowing costs, plus excess inventory
  • Easy collection of trade goods

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