Barter System

Discover what makes America’s Barter Exchange’s trade system different from others.

1) Sign Up

Fill out our membership application form online, come to our office and sign up in person, or call us to set up an appointment.

We accept US businesses of all sizes and status. Our network comprises of independents, utilities, entities that deal with city and local government agencies, and more. We work hard to accommodate all business types to populate our listings with goods and services of value to members.

Members pay a monthly membership fee of $10 trade and $10 Cash, plus a 6% cash fee for all trade transactions.

2) Assess

Once your application is approved, office staff and trade directors will connect with you to facilitate your trade needs. At this stage, your business is highly encouraged to assess your offerings on the trade block. ABE will also help your business assess what goods on offer best fits your needs.

3) List

All members have an assigned trade director who will specifically work with them. This trade director will promote your listed or offered items and services with other members. Promotions will run through the ABE member’s platform, emails, phone calls, social media posts, and boutique space.

All members are expected to trade their goods and services at their full, fair prevailing prices. We keep in constant contact with all members to monitor fair trading policies.

Moreover, all members are required to agree with the ABE code of conduct upon membership. If a member feels they weren’t treated right, their trade director can help mediate with the other member to ensure the situation is rectified.

4) Trade

When you find goods or services to spend your trade on, you can reach out to ABE’s office staff. We will then connect you with the proper member that has the goods or services you want.

While members communicate directly for trades, they can contact their ABE trade director at any time. Trade directors can advocate on behalf of members at any stage of the trade process. ABE stays in contact with members weekly, and sometimes daily, especially when a transaction is in place.

ABE keeps a record of all trades done within its system. For transparency, we provide members with monthly statements reflecting their purchases, sales, fees, and current barter balance. We also give members end-of-year tax statements for their tax returns.

Moreover, all ABE staff is trained to be familiar with the process and the goods and services offered through the member base.

5) Spend

When you use trade currency to pay for goods or services, you are offsetting cash expenses. When members accept to take trade currency in exchange for goods or services, they can fill down time, empty appointment slots, and monetize excess inventory, among others.

By doing this, member gain access to a demographic of new customers that may not have been accessible otherwise.

Why Should You Try Barter

  • Convert excess commodities to useful items & services
    E.g., Household services, luxury items, inventory, etc
  • Reach new customer demographics
  • Create partnerships with local and national businesses, and government agencies in the ABE network
  • Provide gift incentives for employees
  • Go cash-free and cut down on cash use
  • Reduce overhead and borrowing costs, plus excess inventory
  • Easy collection of trade goods




We encourage you to send your questions about barter, ABE's system, and barter's impact on your taxes through our form. Alternatively, you can read our FAQs. If you're ready to join ABE, fill out the form in the link below, and our trade directors will be in touch.