Better Business With Barter Exchange Salt Lake City UT

With a reputation as the second-friendliest city in the United States, Salt Lake City offers untold treasure waiting in barter exchanges.

high-rise buildings in Salt Lake City, Utah

Barter Trade in Salt Lake City in the 21st Century

Salt Lake City Utah Barter Exchange in Five Steps

1) Sign Up

Entering our Salt Lake City barter system is as simple as filling out an application form or calling us for a membership appointment.

2) Assess

Run through your inventory or list of services to assess what you can offer, and what you’d like to trade for.

3) List

Contact your ABE trade director and list your goods and services on our member platform.

4) Trade

Connect with members on ABE’s platform to obtain goods and earn trade dollars.

5) Spend

Exchange trade dollars for inventory, experience, or services you can use for your business.

Why Engage With Barter Trading in
Salt Lake City

Engaging in barter exchange in Salt Lake City, Utah, can seem risky at first, but a great trade system can:

  • Give your company flexibility in procuring certain goods or services
  • Help your business save on cash outputs for procurement
  • Keep trades and exchanges with other businesses simple
  • Expand your customer base and strengthen your foothold
  • Assist you in finding new sources and suppliers
  • Incentivize your employees and improve morale

Questions About the Salt Lake City Barter System?