Barter Company St George UT

Realize the full potential of your assets and expand your directory through barter trade.

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St George Barter Company With Results

How Our Barter System in St George UT Works

1) Sign Up

Sign up for ABE’s trade network by filling out our membership form online or setting a membership appointment.

2) Assess

Inspect your inventory for goods, services, and non-liquid assets you can offer; list down what you’d want to acquire from other members.

3) List

As your barter company for St. George, UT, transactions, ABE will appoint a trade director to your business who will help you list your assets on our portal.

4) Trade

Go through listings by other businesses on ABE’s exclusive member portal, then trade for assets and earn trade dollars.

5) Spend

Spend your trade dollars through ABE—your barter company for St. George, UT—and realize the full value of your excess inventory.

Why Try Barter Exchange St George UT

Bartering is completely legal under the Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility act of 1982. Once your business partners with a barter company for St. George, UT, companies—like ABE—you can experience the following benefits:

  • Bypass competition to reach a previously undiscovered customer base
  • Relatively quick arrangement of trades, depending on company response time
  • Avoid overdraft while turning excess assets into valuable goods and services
  • Third-party barter company for St. George, UT, businesses present for record keeping
  • No cost in simple trades, and predictable transaction charges in case they are required
  • Enhance employee morale with benefits and incentives that don’t require cash output

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