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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are officially recognized under the “Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act” of 1982 in which companies like ours are identified as third-party record keepers. This is the same act that covers banks, securities brokers, attorneys, and accountants.

  • There are no tax advantages or disadvantages to barter. Trading should be considered a marketing tool, not a tax tool.
  • Trade dollars are treated exactly the same as cash for tax purposes. For example, when your business sells for trade dollars, those dollars become part of your business income in the tax year – just like cash.
  • If your business spends trade dollars on business-related items, those expenses should be offset against income – just like cash. (Exchange fees are tax deductible.)
  • If you or your employees spend trade dollars on personal items, those dollars are part of your taxable income – just like cash.

The same rules that apply to cash sales applies to Barter transactions.  The seller is responsible to collect and submit taxes on bartered good, the same as cash sales.  Buyers are required to pay any applicable sales tax in cash and not ABE barter dollars.

Americas Barter Exchange is a third-party record keeper, providing monthly statements to member clients, which reflect their purchases, sales, fees, and current barter balance. We also provide end-of-year tax statements for you to incorporate into your tax returns.

The seller is expected to trade their goods and services at their full, fair prevailing prices. By accepting or rejecting prices, Americas Barter Exchange members are ultimately the determining authority in the pricing integrity. Americas Barter Exchange Brokers keep in constant contact with Members to monitor fair trading policies.

Americas Barter Exchange is committed to 100% barter transactions so that all members of the exchange benefit. In some instances when parts need to be ordered, a cash component might be essential. In that case, Americas Barter Exchange must approve the transaction in advance.

No.  Tips and gratuities are to be paid in cash and not ABE barter dollars.

Simply go to the sign-up page and complete the form.  A member of our staff will contact you for any additional information needed.

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